My teaching philosophy centers around the belief that one size does not fit all. Differentiation and building lifelong learners becomes the goal for teaching and learning.

Teaching is intentional, intuitive, and adaptive. Each year the year begins by building relationships, trust, and exploration. The learning community has rigor, inquiry, and intimacy with one another and the curriculum.

As the year progresses and routines become habits, we build on the time together, and the large picture for the year becomes more focused and genuine. This is when I assess and begin organized instruction. Well thought out and connected is the plan for the year. This structure fosters meaningful and coherent process. The instruction is flexible and focuses on a student’s needs, background, ideas, and passions. With this organization in place, I use my experience, intuition, and expertise to guide and place responsibility in the learner.

In keeping with the teaching of Mother Cabrini, God is a constant presence in our day. He walks with us as we pray, play, learn, and grow. We are a community of faith who serve God by educating the whole child.

I believe each child deserves to make a year’s worth of growth. I meet children where they are and build on their strength’s to cultivate lifelong learners. Each child and family is unique, and a valued member of our classroom and Villa community.